Bargaining Units

ONA Local 100 is comprised of the following Bargaining Units:

Local Contract – 2023

Bargaining Unit President: Angie Stott (Acting) –
Site Representative – Darleen Evans –
Site Representative –  Lindsay Carnahan (Acting) –
Occupational Health & Safety. VP: UH Site – Louise Bowers – Louise Bowers, VH Site – Lindsay Carnahan –

Professional/Workload Issues, VP: VH Site – Melissa Mancusi –, UH Site – Allison McKeen –

RTW/HR&E, VP: VH Site – Lesley Gibbons – , UH Site – Michelle Black –

Hospital Association Committee: Angie Stott (Acting), Rebecca Jesney, Darleen Evans, Allison McKeen, Jasen Richards, Lindsay Carnahan, Melissa Mancusi

Occupational Health & Safety Committee Reps:

Lindsay Carnahan, James Gibbons, Marg VanPuymbroeck, Steve McLean, Miranda Loerts, Jasen Richards, Hailey Slaats, Rebecca Smith, Lesley Cook, Rob Mugford, Brett Tanner

Negotiation Committee: Angie Stott (Acting), Darleen Evans, James Gibbons, Lindsay Smale, Laurie Graham, Kate Warrington, Lesley Gibbons, Madgalen Moulton-Sauve, Catherine Spina, Rebecca Jesney, Carnahan(Acting)

Local 100 Administrative Assistant: Ellie MacQueen

Collective Agreement

Bargaining Unit Representatives
Bargaining Unit President: Jason Jamieson
Labour/Management Members: Anna Nguyen and Diana Slegers-Krekewich
Negotiating Team Members: Jenny Mickle and Jennifer Neeb
OH&S Representative: Ayesha Fathima
Professional Practice Lead: Wendy Schoen
Safe Return to Work/Work Accommodation Representative: Victoria Reinhardt