Return To Work and Accommodations

As a member of the Ontario Nurses Association you will be supported by your union should you have health problems/special needs or have sustained a work related injury. A representative will be available to attend Occupational Health appointments with you. We are able to help facilitate work accommodations based on individual health needs. We will also be able to support you through your WSIB claim or denial.

Please use the links on this page that will assist you with filling a WSIB claim, should you be denied ONA is able to assist in filing an appeal. The LHSC sick leave protocol and our tip sheet are valuable pieces of information.

Your sick leave and long term disability benefits plan details are also included. Please note there are 2 plans. Those hired before 2006 and those hired after 2006.

Please call your site representative should you require our assistance.

University Hospital

Katie Warrington

Victoria Hospital

Jansen Richards